Diversity & Inclusion

Nationwide contract staffing and permanent placement solutions

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), TSC commits to bring the diversity on the culture of our organization as well as our clients' and it is one of our primary goals to increase the diversity in the workplace for our internal and external employees.

Over the years, we have been continuously working on multiple initiatives and strategies to hire Minority, disadvantaged, Veterans and Veterans-spouses across our internal and external project needs and exceeding our diversity hiring goals successfully.

Below we have highlighted some of the initiatives, strategies, and Programs we have in place that demonstrate our commitment to increasing diversity in workplace.

Utilizing an Effective Diversity Recruiting Strategy for Clients
TSC is a diverse supplier and staffing agency dedicated to the unbiased placement of high-quality job candidates. We work closely with employers to strategically meet their staffing and supplier diversity needs in alignment with their business growth goals.
Regular Trainings & Workshops
We provide free Certification trainings to disadvantaged minority and Veterans in space of entry level Linux/Unix Administration, Windows System Administration, Network Administration, Database Administration, PMP and ITIL.
Giving Back to the Community
We have ample of Programs for Scholarships, Trainings Opportunities for the disadvantaged minorities, Veterans, women, and we publish these across the community to build diverse talent, some of them are listed below.
  • Up to $100k in Scholarships
  • Associated with HUB Colleges, Brown University
  • Girls Inc., Engineers in the Classroom
  • Over 4000 Technical and Professional Courses available to choose from

TSC is the largest employer for hiring and sponsoring Veterans, we hold a Security Clearance from DoD (Department of Defense) hence it is easy for us to hire Veterans and Veterans Spouses and their compliance since they are not losing their clearance while working on W2 with us. Below are some of the extensive initiates we have in place for hiring Veterans smoothly than any other companies in the US.

All Veteran hiring is through a Dedicated Veterans Program, the 22ndCentury Vets sponsored by and reporting to the CEO. Some highlights of the program:

  • 22nd Century prioritizes hiring veterans, particularly for its contracts supporting the DoD
  • Over the past 5 years 22ndCentury has employed over 2800+ Veterans including 750+ Women
  • 400+ Veterans currently working on 22ndContracts including 20+ Disabled Veterans on SLED and Federal Projects
  • 293+ Veterans deployed in NJ, NY, FL, WA, CA and with other States and Local Agencies
  • To achieve veteran hiring goals, 22nd Century has dedicated military talent acquisition leaders, participates in on-base recruitment events, and has a structured referral bonus program
  • Trained On-boarding Staff to welcome Veterans and ensure their smooth transition
  • Free Technical Training, Periodic Assessments and Professional Development initiatives for career growth. Partnering with select universities on STEM scholarships, mentoring, career guidance
  • 22nd’s Nationwide presence and high-growth rates provides for enhanced career opportunities, work-life balance, and consequently higher retention